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Bush Stone-curlew

Posted by Tweed Holiday Parks

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Earlier this month, on a cool spring night, Tweed Holiday Parks Tweed Heads was lucky enough to become home to some new residents - two Bush Stone-curlew chicks!

We were fortunate to capture some shots of the chicks on our trail camera “ Head to Tweed Holiday Parks Tweed Heads to check them out. Once the chicks were born, they have moved away from their nest and taught how to feed. Bush Stone-curlew chicks cannot fly until they are 9 weeks old, are mainly nocturnal, ground-dwelling birds and rely heavily on camouflage.

Bush stone-curlews generally breed throughout Spring and Summer. With an elaborate courtship dance involving outstretched wings and stamping their feet, make sure you keep an eye out this summer for this special performance. Nests are established on the ground, generally on a small bare patch, and incubated for 30 days.


Tweed Holiday Parks are proud to be home to these endangered native birds and to play such an important role in the survival of the Bush stone-curlew in NSW. Many visitors to the Tweed Holiday Parks are unaware that these threatened birds nest in the holiday parks and that they represent a significant proportion of the NSW Bush Stone-curlew population. Tweed Holiday Parks have worked closely with the Tweed Shire Council to facilitate the co-habitation of these threatened birds and our holidaymakers.

This process, along with the other actions steps taken, has proven to be highly effective in protecting this endangered species and allowing them to continue to enjoy their stay with us at Tweed Holiday Parks

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