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Are you ready to take the "plunge"?

Posted by Tweed Holiday Parks

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Have you heard of Water Night? 

If you answered no, we wouldn't be surprised as 2020 marks it's first-ever year in operation.

Smart Approved WaterMark, a water efficiency corporation is the brains behind this operation and hopes this event will teach the general public to be more mindfulness about their water usage. 

On Thursday, 22nd October, join us in reducing our water usage. Water Night encourages you to use one 10 litre bucket of water between 5:00 pm - 5:00 am and try to not use your taps or showers. 

Our trusty Sustainability Ambassador, Alyce Togo encourages you to join in and has a top tip to help reduce your showering time, as on average a 10-minute shower can use up to 90 litres! 

Living in a country that is prone to droughts and bush fires, it is imperative that we, as a country are mindfulness of the water we use each day. 

Have you asked yourself how many times you turn on your taps or how much water you use each day? Probably not... but on average a person will turn their taps on 9 times a day! 

Whilst looking into this movement, we found out every day:

  • We use 4.5 litres when flushing the toilet
  • Keeping the tap on whilst brushing your teeth can use up to 7.5 litres, the average Australian household has 4 people, which means at teeth brushing times a family of four could use up to 30 litres
  • If left unfixed, a dripping tap, can use up to 12,000 litres a year
  • A leaking toilet can use up to 96,000 litres a year.

For some helpful tips on how you can reduce your water usage, check out Water Night's helpful water-saving actions


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