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Site Set Up

Site Set Up 2022

Guide to site set-up, camping safety and the current Government Legislation

Legislation governing caravan and camping is the Local Government (Manufactured Home Estates, Caravan Parks, Camping Grounds and Moveable Dwellings) Regulation 2005.

Current Caravan Park requirements:
Regulation 2005 – Clause 91 (1) (b)
A moveable dwelling must not be installed closer than 2.5 metres from any other moveable dwelling.

Regulation 2005 – Clause 162 (1)
A tent or caravan (including any associated structure or annexe) must not be installed on a single dwelling site if the floor area of the tent or caravan (including any associated structure or annexe) is more than two-thirds of the area of the site.

Definitions of above terms:
Local Government Act 1993 Dictionary
Moveable Dwelling means:
• Any tent, or any caravan or other van or other portable device used for human habitation.

Local Government Act 1993 Dictionary
Associated Structure means:
• a carport, garage, shed, pergola, verandah or other structure designed to enhance a moveable dwelling.
• a separating wall between 2 moveable dwellings

1. Tents and caravans are moveable dwellings.
2. Tarpaulins are associated structures.
3. Every tent, caravan, camper trailer must be at least 2.5 metres from other tents, caravans on and adjacent sites.
4. Tarpaulin(s) that cover more than 2/3rds of the site area are prohibited.

Please note:
Electricity connection to a moveable dwelling must only be by a single 15-amp lead, not less than 10 metres in length and which has 15-amp connections fitted.