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Live more sustainable (and green) this summer

Posted by Tweed Holiday Parks

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During the warmer months, there are more families than ever enjoying adventures to the beach or having a picnic at the nearby river or creek on the Tweed. So, it's important to be mindful of the footprints we leave behind. 

Below are a few simple ways to be more sustainable this summer,


Reuse, reuse, reuse. It's tempting to buy plastic plates, cups, and cutlery to save on washing up when you're going camping at one of our parks. But these items create 'extra' waste that will just end up in the landfill. Instead, bring your mixed-matched items from home or if you're staying in one of our cabins or Surfari tents don't worry we've got you covered with the lot.

Stay hydrated

Staying properly hydrated is important, but even more so during the extreme heat and weather conditions that we're having this summer. Ditch the plastic bottles and opt for a reusable bottle and if you're a coffee-lover - make sure you pack your reusable keep cup to take to the coffee shop or if you've forgotten don't worry - each of our parks sell these at the reception!


If you've chosen to camp in a tent, we suggest that you bring a rubbish bin, reusable shopping bag or Tupperware container to compile your rubbish and dispose of it correctly. But, be aware of cheeky critters that may try to get in your rubbish, so hang it up high or keep it in a container until you can dispose of it correctly. At Tweed Holiday Parks, we also sell reusable tote bags that you can take to the shops when you need to go purchase groceries or other shopping items.

Keep clean

There's nothing better than scrubbing the sand off after a day at the beach, but even here you can be more mindful of the environment. Consider using biodegradable soaps or natural soap-free products that will break down more quickly, as well as your insect repellent and even sunscreen. At our Tweed Heads or Kingscliff Beach, we sell some of these items for purchase near the camp kitchens.

Disconnect devices

It is important to detach from your electronic devices from time to time. Not only does this reduce energy use, but is good for your health and creates more time to spend with your family and reconnect. We encourage having holidays just as you remember them with time to just be and realign yourself with nature.

Natural light

Let the natural light in by opening up your blinds or tent windows (if they have flyscreens) - make the most of mother nature, and it saves energy and the planet too.

Hang dry

Hang your clothes to dry during summer instead of using the dryer. There are plenty of clothing items that dry quickly and don't get damaged in the sun.

Eat local

Select fresh and local produce in season, we have many nearby farmers markets and shops that you can head to, to support less energy and waste rather than transporting produce from franchises or other parts of the world.

Plant & eat more plants

Next time you are whizzing up a yummy camping meal, make sure to help yourself to our Herb Garden Wall located at our camp kitchen at Kingscliff Beach.

Their beautiful wall garden is a combo of decorative flowers, edible herbs and Australian natives.

Pick up trash

If you see it, pick it up! Take every opportunity to set an example and keep our nearby beaches, creeks, and rivers beautiful now and for generations to come.

Leave no trace

Keep your waste contained and leave nothing behind. Reuse wherever possible. Holidays at Tweed Holiday Parks should be holidays just as you remember them, immersed in nature - we should never that we are visitors when we are in nature.

Make sure you enjoy your experience in the sun or by the waters' edge and leave it as you found it for the next group of holiday-makers, adventurers and water-lovers, including generations to come!

How we are doing our bit?

By 2023, Tweed Holiday Parks pledge to reduce their water and power consumption and transition to renewable energy options where possible. They pledge to reduce landfill waste and protect natural biodiversity and wildlife in their parks. You can find more about their Sustainability Pledge here.

Enjoy adventures together where the moments matter most...

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