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Meet Alyce Togo

Posted by Tweed Holiday Parks

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We have some very exciting news to share with you!

Late last year, we launched our Sustainability Pledge. This was our commitment to environmental sustainability, preserving and protecting our communities and the environment. This includes recycling, reducing energy consumption and protecting wildlife. Alongside this, we have been searching high and low for our very own ambassador and we have found her!

Meet Tweed Holiday Park's new Sustainability Ambassador, Alyce Togo.

Alyce Togo
Alyce lives locally in the Tweed area and is a junior environmentalist at just 12 years of age! Just last year she became the Tweed Shire Council winner of the People's Choice Youth Sustainability Award. She is very passionate about sustainability and the importance of keeping the environment clean and she is not shy when it comes down to doing the right thing! Her passion for sustainability extends out of the regular school curriculum, in her spare time she attends a local sustainability symposium, where she can learn more about recycling. Alyce regularly buys informative books about how to reduce plastic waste, as well as following other environmentalists on Instagram and YouTube.

Alyce's achievements are more than just academic, she recently campaigned at her school and the local community on the importance of keeping the Tweed waterways clean and how the use of single-use plastics harm the environment and the animals that live in and around the sea. She continuously looks at ways we can reduce our use of single-use plastics, changes in products we buy and also keeps gloves and garbage bags in her mums car so she can do a clean up she is out. She is very passionate and we, Tweed Holiday Parks, are supportive of her leadership and learning to be a leader in this area. Alyce is a leader and her actions have shown the local youth the importance of local clean-ups, she has educated her family and friends and often encourages others to also look after the environment. 

Caddy Bins Letter Acceptance

Alyce is very active in her community and recently hand wrote a letter to Solo (a professional waste management company) requesting the donation of 10 caddy bins for her school. The bins were to help the school reduce their food waste and help educate students on the importance of recycling and reducing waste. Solo, (who then passed it onto Tweed Shire Council) requested the bin donation to the school. Alyce soon received a donation letter from the Tweed Shire Council advising her, her request was successful. The donated bins were later received by her school. 

During her activism, she has collected cans to raise money for Buy-a-Bale after she read about it at a local recycling collection point. She had donated $165 by recycling cans and donating the money straight to them at the recycling point.

Alyce is also very passionate about the ocean and her motivation to keep the sea clean and look after the environment came after she recently went swimming at her local creek. She jumped into the water and when she came up she had a used band-aid stuck in her hair. She was so dishearted by it that she started to clean up the beach every time she visited it. She actively participates with Tweed Byron Local Aboriginal Land Council in local clean up days.

Kingscliff Beach

Alyce's future endeavours are to work alongside her aunty Leweena who is the CEO of the Tweed Byron Local Aboriginal Land Council to start up a 'clean up group' that meets regularly to clean up the parks and waterways and also learn about bush foods, the stories of the land and to also care for country. She also wants to be keen helper and assist Tweed Holiday Parks with their sustainability movement.

Tweed Holiday Parks is committed to environmental sustainability and preserving and protecting our communities and the environment. Together with Alyce Togo we are raising our voice for nature. To read more about our Sustainability Pledge, click here

Alyce's recently joined Tweed Holiday Parks in switching off the light for Earth Hour (March 28th). Alyce took to Instagram to share a few ideas of how to get involved in the worlds largest movement for the environment. 

See here videos below,

Watch this we bring you more ways on how Tweed Holiday Parks are moving into a more sustainable future!

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