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Top five holiday activities you can do anywhere

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Whilst not all of you can visit us these school holidays, we thought we would list our top five holiday activites that you can do if you are holidaying with us, staying somewhere else or having a staycation.

An Artists Delight

Get creative in the kitchen.. whether that is kitchen or camp kitchen and cook up a batch of yummy cupcakes. The real fun kicks in when it's time to decorate.

Take the cupcake decorating to the next level and include different colour icings, sprinkles, chocolate chunks, smarties or grab a pack or two of the icing pens and put your 'cake writing' skills to the test.

Host a Games Night... or Day

Dig out the board games and host a game night or day! There are lots of board games out there, invite some friends, neighbours or your holiday park neighbours and combine your board games so you have lots of options to choose from. If you don't have any board games but have a pack of cards, don't worry, there are lots of card games online with YouTube tutorials that you can learn quickly from. 

Fingal HeadA Directors Debut

Gather the troops and produce your own movie! Whether you are staying home or out and about... the possiblities are endless. This is a great activity to get your creative minds thinking.

Get together and think of a storyline or write a script, dig out some fancy dress costumes, grab the camera and shoot away! These days there are so many free editing apps that can be downloaded to your phone or tablet, or if you have an Apple computer you will have iMovie already installed. 

Edit away and have your very own "Premiere". 

Explore Your "Backyard"

Instead of nagging your kids to get off their IPads or PlayStation and get outdoors and play in the backyard, have a technology time-out and go on a scavenger hunt! Create your own or find one online and search high and low for things on the list - remember to tick them off as you go!

This is the perfect activity for young kids to sink their teeth into and explore the great outdoors... the adults can even join in.

Learn something new

We should always be trying to upskilling ourselves, but it can be hard to find the time to do it... take the time these holidays to try something new. Whether it is learning to hopskotch, ride a bike, do a cartwheel or learn some phrases in a new language, whatever it is... do it as a family or set individual goals learn something new.




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