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Live life on the greener side

Posted by Tweed Holiday Parks

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Did you know that April is Earth Month? 

April is the time to celebrate our environment and the wildlife that make our planet unique, as well as a time for us to reflect on our daily decisions and ask ourselves... are we living sustainably enough or are is there room for improvement?

There are so many practices that you can start implementing into your daily life. Changing daily habits can help start making a difference... one step at a time! Check out our top 3 habits that can be changed in your daily life to help you be more sustainable.

Reduce your shower time

Statistics show that Australian's shower for an average of 8-minutes... sometimes twice a day! Each shower uses approximately 120 litres of water... if you shower twice a day you would use 240 litres. If you live in a household of 4 people and you each shower twice a day a total use of 960 litres! Try our tips below to reduce your shower water usage.

  • Reduce your shower time
  • Purchase an egg timer to keep in the shower to give yourself a shower time limit
  • Turn off the water whilst applying soap or shampoo

Reduce reuse and recycle

It's tempting to purchase your coffee, lunch or snack from a local cafe in their single-use takeaway containers, but the truth is, this creates 'extra' waste that will just end up in a landfill. Try our top tips to help reduce your single-use

  • Bring your reusable containers from home with you, to use when purchasing food from a local cafe/deli
  • Purchase one of our reusable coffee cups from any of our park receptions
  • Instead of buying water, purchase a stainless water bottle and refill at local water stations

Dispose of your waste correctly

Tweed Shire Council's Resource Recovery Unit recently published its annual report on the contents of the Tweed Shire's bins, following a bin audit that took place in November. Statistics showed that between 40 - 45% of red bin waste could have been saved from landfill and put in the green bin.

Last year, we learnt that more than 50% of landfill waste globally is organic food waste which could be composted to create new fertile soil, we thought to ourselves... why not install a worm farm to help reduce our and our guest's food waste and generate composting soil - we recently installed four worm farms at our Kingscliff Beach park and welcomed over 8000 worms! Try our top tips to help dispose of your waste correctly. 

  • Purchase a composting bin that can be placed near your general waste bin - this will help dispose of food scraps correctly
  • Install a worm farm at home
  • If you are staying at our Kingscliff Beach park, dispose of your food and carbon waste in the bins provided in the camp kitchen

How we are doing our bit?

By 2023, Tweed Holiday Parks pledge to reduce their water and power consumption and transition to renewable energy options where possible. They pledge to reduce landfill waste and protect natural biodiversity and wildlife in their parks. You can find more about their Sustainability Pledge here.

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