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Tweed Coast Koala Research Hub

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Did you know each year we allocate certain funds to local community projects?

This last financial year our allocated funds went to a research project that is close to our hearts. We contributed $50,000 to help the construction of a $640,000 facility to house Koalas participating in research of a vaccine for chlamydia. Currumbin Wildlife Hospital's data showed over the last 5 years for Tweed's Shire identified more than 50% of koalas coming into care are a result of chlamydia... which goes to show how significant of a threat this disease is on our cuddly friends.

Since our initial donation, this facility is now fully established and has been operational since February 2021.

Tweed Coast Koala Research Hub

Koalas and their habitat are an iconic element of the Tweed Coast. We felt it was important to address and allocate some funds to help minimise the threat of chlamydia and improve the conservation status of koalas throughout the coast.

Tweed Coast Koala Research Hub

This facility has been designed in collaboration with Currumbin Wildlife Hospital to facilitate a high-quality temporary home for sick and injured koalas that require treatment. It is located on 99 hectares of land and includes 9 enclosures, a storage room and a site office as well as a koala food tree plantation of 1800 trees to provide part of the feed requirements for the koalas temporarily living on site. Currumbin Wildlife Hospital manages the day to day operations of the facility and is staffed with a vet nurse and supported by leaf-cutting and volunteer programs.

Their first koala called 'Anne Chovee' was recently released back into the wild after receiving vaccinations against the disease and currently, four koalas call this facility home. 




Image credit: Currumbin Wildlife Hospital, Tweed Shire Council & Geoff Provest MP



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