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Tips on securing your gear when going on the road camping

Posted by Tweed Holiday Parks

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Venturing into the great outdoors and camping is some of the best natural medicine available.  You’ve escaped and disconnected from the daily hustle and bustle of everyday life and it’s time to relax and settle into making lifelong memories with family and great friends. 

But what about your gear?  You can’t take your tent or camper with you while you are out exploring your new surroundings. Eskies full of food (and beer!), grills, surfboards, portable generators, and bikes (especially the electric kind) have been known to be pinched from campsites, sometimes even while you are sleeping!

You can be assured that in our holiday parks the staff keep a keen eye on what is happening across the park at most times of the day, but they too need rest and sleep and can’t be on look all the time. It is up to you to make sure that your important valuables are secure, and you don’t fall victim to theft.  

Here are our top tips to keeping your gear safe while camping.

  1. Stash it in the car
    Keep your valuables out of sight and lock them in the car or the annexe, and make sure you lock the car.
  2. Lock it up
    If you are not around your caravan or campsite during the day or at night whilst sleeping, and you have anything hanging around that you consider valuable, lock it up with padlocks or proper security chains.
  3. Purchase portable tent and caravan alarms
    Is it really valuable and you think the gear needs extra extra security? Put an alarm or GPS tracker on the item.
  4. Organise your site and keep your gear close
    Relax while you are camping, but don’t become complacent, and let your stuff spread from one end of the park to the other. By keeping tabs on your belongings, you are reducing the risk of losing things to “sticky fingers”.
  5. Get to know your neighbours
    Meet your fellow campers. Stop for a chat when setting up or passing by.  Campers generally look out for each other and they will notice strange activity or people looking suspicious in the area. Another set of eyes on your site while you are out can act as a big deterrent.  You may even meet likeminded friends for life! 
  6. Research and choose your campsite wisely
    Choose a campsite you feel good about. Check out the reviews, location and ask friends and family. 
  7. Call the Police
    If you see suspicious activity or theft happening or you, unfortunately fall victim to theft, please call the police. Police actively monitor towns and areas around camp sites, and they need to know that it is happening.

Our 7 holiday parks are all fully fenced, and we have boom gates and CCTV installed which deters unwanted guests from entering our parks, but it is never a full proof solution. In fact, it is the same as living in a house, sometimes the security is still not enough.

We know there is nothing worse than having your property stolen while on holidays.  It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen.  As the old saying goes “better to be safe than sorry”, so take the time to secure your belongings and you’ll be sleeping well and exploring far and wide on your next outdoor holiday adventure.


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