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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

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What is classed as essential travel?

It is our understanding that ‘essential travel’ includes travel that is related to:

  • Those who have no other place of permanent residence.

  • Unable to get to their permanent residence due to distance (overnight accommodation only)

Can we accept people that wish to self‐isolate?

At this stage, we will not be accepting any person who needs to self‐isolate. Our priority is to ensure that the staff and guests are fully protected from COVID‐19.

Do we still charge essential bookings Shoulder/Peak rates?

We have now removed the shoulder/peak rates for April 2020 for Tweed Heads & Pottsville North. All customers who are staying in the parks are classified as essential and due to this reason the low season rate will now be charged for all accommodation.

Are we allowing longer staying guests to pay weekly?

Any guest staying in the park for a length of time who has no alternative accommodation can pay on a weekly basis.

Which facilities will remain open?

Pool, recreation rooms, BBQs are now closed. Our camp kitchen, amenity blocks, laundry and reception remain open.

All open facilities will be maintained and cleaned frequently using current hygiene standards.

We ask that customers continue to practice social distancing in our amenity blocks, camp kitchens, laundry and reception areas.

There should be no more than four people in the amenities block at one time and whilst in the block please practice social distancing.

In the camp kitchen, there should be no group socialising (maximum of 2 people) and please practice social distancing.

How do we communicate with the park managers at reception?

Both Tweed Heads & Pottsville North receptions are now checking customers in through a window. Customer and park manager contact is minimised and self-checkout is encouraged. 

All customers will receive information about the parks implemented measures relevant to COVID-19.

What happens if a customer or staff member advises they have COVID-19?

  • Isolate the area immediately.
  • Notify your park manager.
  • Park managers will contact NSW Health immediately.
  • Once advice has been received from NSW Health, Tweed Holiday Parks can commence with the next steps.

Health Information Line – 1800 020 080

Customer Health Direct Line – 1800 022 222

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